Why can’t reading be an Olympic sport?

Ready, set, read!

I never liked physical education class (better known as Gym class). Actually, I have had a love-hate relationship with exercise, more like: I love to hate it, and this has been the case ever since my enforced Ballet lessons which I tried to skip, all the time.

I hated Gym class for other reasons as well; it actually brought down my overall average in high school!! My friends could all count on getting 90s for their Gym class and I could barely muster a passing grade. Humiliating.

I was not fond of team sports (felt sorry for the team I was on) and absolutely dreaded individual sports ( due to my clumsiness, the floor routine for our Gymnastics lessons left me contorted in angles unknown to human beings). Running made me run out of breath (no pun intended!).

The Olympics 

As such, the Olympics hold little appeal for me, from a sporting perspective. It does allow me to bask in the glories of my countries’ athletes (Team Canada, Team Egypt and this year, Team Refugees). The only muscles I exercise during the Olympics are my legs as I jump up and down and cheer madly for my teams.

I realize that I am not providing the best example for my son when it comes to sports/physical activity; children imitate rather than follow advice. I only wish there could be a Literary Olympics. Why can’t reading be an Olympic Sport? I would bring home the Gold medal, I humbly guarantee!! I have been a committed bookworm ever since I could read. Why can’t reading be recognized as a top international achievement to be celebrated? We are exercising our minds after all!

I even have different categories to propose

  • Philosophy instead of javelin throwing: anyone who has read Kierkegaard deserves a medal!
  • History instead of skateboarding: anyone who has read the History of the 20th century and can name 9 of the 16 ex-Soviet Republics deserves a medal!
  • Mystery instead of long jump: anyone who finished the Arsene Lupin series without questioning the improbability of the plot deserves a medal!

Reading is exercising our cognitive faculties; does that not deserve a medal?

Would love to hear what you are reading right now- let me know in the comments section!

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God Bless,

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