Sunday School Treasure Hunt:How to create your own Sunday Funday!

Moment of truth: Sunday School is not always ‘fun’.  

At least not by the kids’ standards of what constitutes fun. There are no video-games, superheroes or animation. They are required to sit down and to listen to “a lesson”, either a story or a spiritual concept or to learn about the history of the Church ( through discussions about the Feasts, Fasts and Sacraments).

My fellow servants (shout out to Marian Badry and Ireini Ghobri) introduced a novel idea last year that we have continued this year. Every fifth Sunday, we have a FUNDAY as opposed to a regular lesson. A Sunday School session of fun activities that still contains a spiritual component.

Today, we had the first Sunday FUNDAY of the year and it was an absolute blast!

Here is how you can create your own Funday!

  • The kids participated in a treasure hunt.
  • Divide the class into 2 teams and each team had to collect its colour-coded clues.
  • The clues were hidden outdoors around the perimeter of the church.
  • The 6 clues were multiple-choice questions covering the lessons that we have had since the beginning of the Coptic Sunday School year in September.
  • The team with the most correct answers won the trophy ( but all the kids received a token gift).
  • This was followed up by a game of dodge ball- (note to self: bring flat shoes next FUNDAY).

It was so great to see the kids having a good time. Hopefully, they will associate Sunday School with ‘fun’ even without video-games!!!

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