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    Philo, Rose and the Joy SuperHoly

    Mireille Mishriky

    Only a few more days left till summer vacation begins! And what a summer this will be! Philo’s cousins are coming for a visit and he has plans for weeks of non-stop fun! Sadly, things don’t always go according to plans. Philo will soon discover that health issues can try to steal our happiness. Thank God for Rose and the SuperHolies who step in and help Philo realize that there is always a reason to be joyful, even in the worst circumstances. Join Philo and Rose on this new adventure and learn how to activate the powers of the Joy SuperHoly.

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    Think you know your Coptic Saints? Coptic Who?

    Think you know your Coptic Saints? Think again! Actually, don’t think, take my word for it. When you are confronted with clever clues, you suddenly forget your favourite Saints. Last week, we had the joy of playing Coptic Who– an […]

    Covid-19 is our Belly of the Whale

    Different types of whales… Jonas, Jonas, Jonas…how could you ever think you could run away from God? I mean, you believed in God, you were His prophet, and yet somehow you managed to convince yourself that you could run away […]

    Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Activities for Christian Families

    Creating wholesome Valentine’s Day Memories Whether you enjoy Valentine’s Day or not, children are bombarded by Valentine’s Day cards, candies, and activities for a few days every year. Whether at school, at extra-curricular activities, or on television, our children are […]

    10 Awesome Ideas to Overcome the Winter Blues!

    The book has a list of suggestions about simple activities that could be incorporated to add joy to our lives during winter or at any time of year.

    Here are a few of the suggestions:

    Reconnect with an old friend
    Do an activity that you loved as a child

    Sumac & Seven-Spice Roast Chicken Recipe and Book Review

    Hello friends, I am a cookbook collector. In fact, I find it hard to resist the urge to purchase more cookbooks even though my collection is quite extensive. I rationalize and justify the purchase by imagining all of the delicious […]

    Let us find the perfect words for you!

    Dear friends and family, I am thrilled to announce the launch of my Communications Agency!!  Please help us spread the news by sharing this video with EVERYONE!  Click on “Agency Site” from the menu of our home page And see […]