Classic Scam: a child at the $ store.

Entering the $ store with a child

I should have known better. I should have trusted my instincts.

I did not.

I was taken in by his promises, his soft voice, his pleading eyes. And so, against my better judgement, I let my child accompany me to the $ store.

Normally, I avoid this occurrence at any cost. In fact, it usually costs me more in order to avoid going to the $ store with my child.

This past weekend though, I had no choice.

And so, against my better judgement, and somewhat reassured by his promise ( sometimes mothers rely on denial to survive) we ventured into the $ store together.

The dreaded Toy section:

He promised he would just take a look at the toy section.  He promised he would not ask for any toy. He seemed as resolved as I am when I promise myself to open the fridge “just to look” without reaching for anything.

But, how could I expect a child to honour his promise? I certainly never opened the fridge and walked away without sampling any of the offerings. Despite my best intentions.

The negotiations started soon thereafter.

I was determined to hold my grounds.

I reminded him of his promises.

Cue-in the puppy eyes.

I reminded him of the other 4 replicas of the same item waiting at home.

He argued that he would take this 5th one to grandma’s house.

I countered that grandma already had a few of these.

He pointed out that they were broken.


The Voices in my head

It was hard to carry on the negotiations as I was also battling voices in my head: “let him have it, it is just $2”, “it is the principal, would I buy it if it cost more?”, “why deny him a small treat?” “no, if you give in now, you will always give in”, “what harm will it do, it will make him so happy”, ” he should understand that he will not always get what he wants in life”, ” he is only a child once”.

In the end, exhausted by the combined efforts of the puppy eyes and the million opinions fighting for attention in my head, I caved.

And he was thrilled.

Brilliantly thrilled.

Genuinely thrilled.

Should I have stood my grounds? Did I harm my child irrevocably by giving in to his wishes?


Maybe not.

I hope not.

One thing is for sure, his happiness was priceless.

Would love to hear how you handle these situations…leave me a comment to let me know.

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