10 great ideas to overcome the winter blues.

The winter blues are upon us!

It is only January 23rd and yet this winter seems to be dragging on forever…and ever, and ever.

Dark, cold, grey, the three words that can turn any smile upside down. And there is still February to overcome. And March is not always friendly.

The Winter Blues have set in and the countdown till Spring is not having the effect it usually does.

I recently finished reading the book: The Cozy Life,  by Pia Edberg about the Danish approach to Winter (and Life) as conceptualized in Hygge. In essence, the hygge philosophy is about embracing the joy of simple things and creating a cozy environment that prioritizes family life and gatherings with friends. A favourite winter activity being a gathering with loved one around a fireplace with lit candles and hot beverage: heavenly.

I strongly recommend reading this book, especially if you are living in North America and battling this winter!

The book has a list of suggestions about simple activities that could be incorporated to add joy to our lives during winter or at any time of year.

Here are a few of the suggestions:

  1. Reconnect with an old friend
  2. Do an activity that you loved as a child
  3. Relax by the fire (or candlelight)
  4. Invite someone over for tea and cookies (love the simplicity of this idea!)
  5. Write a letter to someone you miss
  6. Bake something new
  7. Write your dreams in a journal
  8. Stay offline for a day
  9. Meditate (or pray) for 15 minutes
  10. Go for a  nature walk in your WARMEST clothes

What are your strategies to combat the Winter blues? Leave me your ideas in the comments section.

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